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We look forward to your involvement in the Texas-Mexico Frozen Food Council! 
The Frozen Food Fiesta is a two-day event coordinated by the Texas-Mexico Frozen Food Council.  The event allows members time to network and conduct business, as well as the opportunity to participate in an informative program.  The conference also provides the revenue that makes possible the Councilís research grants.
A 2008 survey of Frozen Food Fiesta attendees shows the event is helping to achieve the Councilís goal of "creating common ground for the frozen food industries of the United States, Mexico and Canada." Among those who responded, 92 percent indicated that "the opportunity to meet with frozen food industry executives" was one of the most important aspects of the conference.  Additionally, over 68 percent of respondents indicated they are "longtime Fiesta attendees," demonstrating the continued value of the Fiesta for frozen food industry professionals in North America!

If you have questions about the 2009 Frozen Food Fiesta, please contact Texas-Mexico Frozen Food Council Executive Director Elise Cortina at (703) 821-0770 or by email at